Tuesday, January 27, 2009

journal quilt

Recently I joined the Contemporary Quilt Special Interest Group of the Quilters'Guild of the British Isles (or short CQGB). For 2009 they have a journal quilt challenge using a slightly different size of 6"x12". For January I made this quilt:

Background is a shaving cream dyed piece of fabric, quilted with a tulip design. On top of this I placed a transparancy sheet on which I had printed a tulip and attached this with brads in the shape of a flower, sorry no tulips :-).


Margeeth said...

Shaving cream dyed????????? Can you explain this?

I think your quiltlet is very beautifull.

Judi said...

Another great piece. Sorry I have no idea what to name your Urban Decay Piece, but I do like it.

hannie said...

Een prachtig resultaat Wil. Als ik het goed heb gelezen,heb je op de stof een afdruk gemaakt met 'n sheet.( Met spijkertjes bevestigd? In ieder geval is het weer heel bijzonder!

ann hubbard said...

Great piece, Wil. I like your tulips even if not based on reality.