Sunday, March 22, 2009


I realised that it is some time ago that I showed a character of the alphabet. That is why I have uploaded 2 today:-). For the E I decided to go for eyelets. I picked a number of different type/size eyelets in roughly the same color scheme and used my Clikit to push them through the fabric with batting.

For the F I cut the shape out of Bondaweb and fused this to the fabric. The next step was to put the red foil over it, cover it with parchment paper and iron this. After it had cooled down I carefully pulled the foil away from the fabric and the shape of the F remained. Some stitching around the shape was added to finish it.

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hannie said...

Wat een lieve Letter E! En ook de I mag er zijn, in zo'n lekker fel kleurtje!