Wednesday, March 04, 2009


The last couple of days I have been experimenting with ice dyeing. Ice at least I can make the whole year through while snow is rare here :-) Al though I might buy a snow cone machine later this year. Unfortunately I can not tell you which dyes I used for which piece as I did not keep notes. I know that I used Bordeaux from G&K and I think Olive as well. The colors are more intense on the pieces which I nuked after melting/batching. For some of these pieces I put the dye mixture into the freezer and let it just freeze. On other fabrics I have placed ice cubes and let them melt there. Each technique gives a slightly different effect. And they are all different from snow dyeing. Here are some results:


hannie said...

Heel goed gelukt! De kleuren zijn mooi geworden.Telkens weer een verrassing, hoe het uiteindelijk wordt. Moet ik toch ook eens gaan uitproberen.

Thelma said...

Yummy fabrics Wil. Looks like the ice does a lot like the snow.

Judi said...

I love the texture you got on theses.