Saturday, March 21, 2009

another finished quilt

Long time ago I showed you the quilt I was working on for the Metamorphosis challenge. At that time I got stuck a bit. As a starting point I had used a distorted hexagon and made 2 poppied out of it. It looked a bit - or a lot :-) - flat when it was done. So I put it aside for a while and concentrated on other projects. Last week I got the idea how to improve it. I added some yarn and sequins and this is the result:And here is a detail picture:

As the Metamorphosis challenge is about how to give a traditional block/idea a metamorphosis, I have given this quilt the title of 'Grandmother's flower garden?'. After all that traditional design is all about hexagons. It got finished just in time as the due date for this challenge is March 31.

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hannie said...

Het geheel ziet er erg goed uit Wil, nu je de poppies verder hebt bewerkt. Heel mooi!