Thursday, March 05, 2009

still life enlarged

The still life I showed here a couple of days ago was too cramped. I added some more fabric to the background and that gave me space to give the table proper legs. Also I changed a couple of things and added some circles - balls ? - on the floor. Right now I am preparing it so that I can start machine quilting on it coming weekend. For this I have to remove the leaves temporarily as I want to quilt the background before I stitch the leaves on. To give it a bit of 3d effect I intend to stitch the leaves with only one line of stitching through the middle of the leaves. Anyway this is how the piece looks now:


hannie said...

Door de veranderingen aan te brengen is je werkstuk helemaal goed! Met de afwerking kun je altijd nog wat toevoevoegen of weglaten?

Mary said...

door zo'n verandering is er harmonie in gekomen !! nu is het echt een stilleven !