Wednesday, March 18, 2009

detailed pictures

As promised I am showing you today a couple of detailed pictures of my still life quilts. Here they are:
The pears are made from different pieces of batiks. Stitched together and stuffed with cotton balls. They are glued to the background.

And all these are detailed pictures of the other still life quilt. I like to combine different patterns of machine quilting on one piece. The bottles are made from zapped organza. To stop the organza from fraying I burned the edged using a candle flame.

The leaves are stitched with only one line to the background. This way they give a bit of a 3d effect.
And the last picture for today is not a detail but a picture which shows you better the size of the completed quilt. I have not yet measured it, but the size is roughly 23"x27". The quilt is hanging on my kitchen wall.


hannie said...

Een succes Wil! Vooral de bladeren zijn mooi. Ook door de stofkeuze. Wat is vileine of lambrekijn? Ik ken wel een soort materiaal wat in overhemdkragen zit. Geweven,maar toch heel stevig.De organza van de vazen geeft ook een heel bijzonder lichtgevend effect. En ook de peren, mijn complimenten voor het geheel!

mia de vos said...

Leuk dat je nu ziet het effect van de drieddd effect.

McIrish Annie said...

fabulous, fabulous,FABULOUS!! I absolutely love it. Having the flowers come off the edge is great! I love the stuffed pears and the pleated vase.

I had to laugh as I have some of that pink embossed felt. I bought it at Joannes and thought it would make a great purse! just a super job!@