Friday, March 13, 2009

Still life with flowers

One of the 4 still life quilts I am working on is now completely finished and hanging on my wall. By lack of a more interesting title I have called it 'Still life with flowers'. The idea for this still life was to use and play with texture. Well I have used a lot of it :-). Part of the background fabric and the vase is pleated. The pears in the bowl are stuffed and because they are so thick I have glued them to the quilt with E6000. The stems of the flowers are rolled tubes over pipe cleaners and for the flowers I used all kind of different techniques. Buttons and beads were added to the centre of the flowers. Here is a picture of the result:

Now I can continue finishing the other 3 quilts.

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hannie said...

Jammer,dat ik het relief niet kan zien op je foto.Maar zo is het al een mooi stilleven. Een beetje "van Gogh"!