Monday, June 14, 2010

break down printing part 2

Slowly all my stuff is getting into it's usual place :-). This means that I can show you the result of the break down printing. After the screens have dried enough, I removed all the items which gave an impression. This is rather difficult, because I did not want to damage the layer of dried paint/printpaste mixture. Unfortunately some areas gave way too much.
Next step is to place the screen upside down on -line dried - soda soaked fabric. Apply some clear print paste mixture on the screen and with a squegee (sp?) pulled several times the print paste mixture. The first pulls actually don't show any result, but after some 4-5 pulls the dye mixture slowly let go of the screen. In total I managed to create 4 fq's. At this time there still was dye mixture on the screen but pulling more would have given almost solid fabric.

Almost forgot to mention this, but I used 2 different colors of procion. A red and a purple. I admit the difference is difficult to see. Next time I'll make certain that there is more difference in the colors,

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hannie said...

Zo word het al een heel andere lap! Kun je ook met meerdere kleuren werken?

Cath said...

Wow! some lovely unique results. Will you leave it at this, or do more printing on these pieces?