Monday, June 28, 2010

c&g quilt

In spite of the temperature of the last couple of days ( above 80 degrees F) I have been busy quilting this 60"x60" big quilt. The picture from the back shows you a detail:
If possible I try to find a matching design and as poppies will be appliqued on it, this line drawing of poppies is a perfect quilting design. The process is going slowly, as it is no pleasure to have such a big quilt on your lap, but I am so glad that I am not struggling to push this quilt through the harp of a domestic machine. It is my first real quilt on which I am using my HQ16.


hannie said...

Succes met het quilten. Een heel mooi ontwerp om je longarm machine uit te proberen!

Kelly said...

WONDERFUL!!! That is a PERFECT design for the quilting. Can hardly wait to see the finished product!