Friday, June 04, 2010


A fun technique to do on a sunny day. I once did it indoors - years ago - and I still have paintspots on my floor :-(. For this technique you only need fabric, acrylic paints, water and a brush. Fabric was pinned on foam sheets, sprayed with water and diluted acrylic paint was splattered on it. Some more water was added and the foam sheets were put into a vertical position. This way the paint drizzled down and the white fabric got some color as background. After the fabric had dried I again splattered paint on it, but this time I wanted the 'splatters' to remain as they were so I did not spray any water on it and let the fabric dry horizontally.

It looks a bit like the paintings of Jackson Pollock For the moment this fabric will go into my stash. I have no immediate use for it, but one day I will.

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hannie said...

Een heel goed effect geeft dat spetteren! Echt iets om buiten te doen.
Ik ken de schilderijen van Pollock wel. Over een poosje kom je misschien wel op een idee om ze te verwerken?