Thursday, June 24, 2010

ice cube dyeing

About 2 months ago there was a discussion on the DyersList on how long procion dyes could be kept frozen. According to a number of members the strenght of the color would disappear very quickly. Well I can say that I have proof that they are wrong. This picture shows the fabric I dyed using frozen dyeconcentrate which was one day old:
I emptied different blue dye concentrate - one was turquoise, I think the other one was mixing blue but I am not 100 certain on that - into an ice cube container. Put it into the freezer till the next day. Soda soaked fabric was crunched into a container and the ice cubes were placed on the fabric where they melted. I did not use all the ice cubes and put the remaining ones back into the freezer. This was done on February 24.
This week I used up the ice cubes and this is the fabric which I dyed with them:
As you can see I had more turquoise ice cubes on this fabric. When the dye concentrate is in the ice cube container it is practically impossible to see which colors are there. The ice cubes were 4 months old, but the colors are still as vibrant as when they were fresh.

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Laura said...

What a great experiment--when you say "dye concentrate", do you mean a solution like 1 tablespoon (or teaspoon) of dye in a quantity like 1 cup of water?