Monday, June 14, 2010


I found some other material to play with: plain brown paper bags. The type of paper bags you can find at Target, Trader Joe and all those other shops. Strangely enough the brown wrapping paper we have in the Netherlands is much thinner. I don't know how well this paper would work if you want to make journal covers. Anyway I used one of Target's brown paper bags, crunched the fabric several times to get lots of wrinkles in it and applied diluted acrylic paint with a foam brush. Let this dry. Next step was to go over the paper with an oil pastel stick. Any type of oil pastel can be used. I think I used a plain Crayola. This is the effect it gave:

I rfeally like the effect I got and decided to use them for making journals. And this is how they look now:

By the way, if you are interested, both journals are for sale. I have not yet had the time, but I really should work on getting my Etsy shop active.

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Celia said...

Can't speak for Dutch brown paper, but UK brown paper works fine, if well crumpled.

And brown envelopes are thicker, if you want thickr.