Monday, April 27, 2009

African tree

Yesterday I continued working on the red/yellow quilt I started last week. Normally I quilt before I add the applique. This picture shows a detail of the quilting:
The next step was to add (small) accents in a different color to it. Well my quilt told me loud and clear that it did not want small accents. The red and yellow made me think of Africa and I knew that an added silhouette of a baobab tree would be very suitable. I found a picture on the internet and with a Sharpie I copied this onto a sheet protector. This I scanned into my computer and with an enlarger program I made a paper template the size I needed. This template I copied onto freezer paper. I ironed Misty Fuse to a piece of black fabric, fused the freezer paper on the top of the fabric and cut it out. Additional quilting in black will be added to create the small branches. This is how the quilt looks at the moment:


The Idaho Beauty said...

Do you leave the freezer paper on until you've fused the applique down? I can see how that would make it easier with a motif like this.

hannie said...

Schitterend ,die donkere boom tegen de vlammende achtergrond!

McIrish Annie said...

what is the enlarger program that you used??

Wil, this is really striking! I think it's fabulous

(Megan) said...

I love the contrast between the tree and the background. It's gorgeous! What a beautiful tree!