Sunday, April 26, 2009

Metal on fiber cards

With one of my surfacing group we have a swap this month in which we have to use metal on fiber cards. Well some time ago I gathered a number of washers and put them in a safe spot so that I could use them for this swap. And now of course I have no idea where I put them. Time for plan B: find other metal things in my studio. This is what I came up with: For the top card I used silk leaves on a hand dyed piece of fabric and added some watchparts as centre of the flowers. The card in the middle I made with crocheted craft wire and used these as flowers. I added some stitching and painted the leaves. And for the 3rd card I used a soda can. Washed it, cut it open and applied some Adirondak ink on it. Out of this I cut spirals and these are glued on the hand painted fabric. In total I made 5 cards. The other ones are based on the same idea but I started with a dark piece of fabric which makes it difficult to photograph the. They are ready to be mailed off.

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maggi said...

Beautiful cards. I bet you find the washers as soon as you post them.