Saturday, April 11, 2009

journal quilt

For CQGB I make a journal quilt every month. They are a bit unusual in size: 6"x12" (15x30 cm). Okay this one is for March - I got a bit delayed :-).
My plan is to stick to tulips for the whole year. For this month I searched google for as many translations of the word 'tulip' as I could find. When I was doing this I discovered that the word 'tulip' is exactly the same in many languages. I arranged the different translations around a picture of a field of tulips and printed this on a sheet of fabric. The fabric is a sample of some break down printing I did some time ago. Some simple free motion quilting was added and some red yarn was stitched around the piece.

1 comment:

hannie said...

Het is een mooi quiltje gworden! Inderdaad een beetje vreemde afmeting. Maar dat geeft ook weer andere mogelijkheden voor de bewerking. De achtergrond is heel apart, met de 'tulp" teksten. Leuk,dat die in alle talen haast hetzelfde is!