Tuesday, April 21, 2009


As usual I participated in the Bunbury (Australia) quiltchallenge. This is one of those challenges in which it is compulsary to use a specific piece of fabric. This year the fabric was a very traditional fabric with pink roses. Well I like flowers, but fabric with roses is definately not my favorite type of fabric :-). Theme for this show was Paradise. After some thinking I decided that I would work with the idea: No paradise without a snake. Background was made from different types of batiks, with the pink roses hiding in between. Eyecatcher was the snake. When I made it I knew that this was not my master piece, but it was made so I might as well send it off. The show was in March and my quilt has returned home, so I can show you a picture now:

Click here and you can see the other quilts made for this challenge.


Margeeth said...

Die stof was ook wel heel erg moeilijk. Stond er bij jou ook in het juryrapport dat de stof geen 'obvious part of the design' was? Dat stond er bij mij nl wel, ik had de stof ook in de achtergrond verwerkt.

mia de vos said...

hoi wil, iedereen heeft geloof ik een probleem gehad met de stof. ik ben dan ook benieuwd wat er met de nieuwe stof gedaan kan worden. het jury rapport was redelijk mild.
Maar je slang ziet er goed uit vind ik.

hannie said...

Het is je toch goed gelukt, om de niet zo aantrekkelijke stof heel goed te verwerken. Mooie slang!